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Team Holdings is an investment holding & management group of companies involved in diverse activities. Team Holdings is incorporated in Botswana and operating in Botswana & the Southern African region.
The group consists of several companies with well diversified portfolio. Team Holdings group organizational structure is enclosed. The activities of the group are classified into 5 major categories.
Canonbury Holdings thrives to be the best by offering Quality Service…. at an affordable Price.

Quality is our top priority at all times. Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of our culture by providing a Quality Service under all circumstances, and Thrive to be the best Car Rental in Botswana.

Secure reasonable profit through a concerted company-wide effort for a comprehensive quality assurance program. Develop globally leading service by improving upon technologies held by each department for continued advancement of the company.
Maintain healthy and vigorous lifestyles and refine intellect and humanitarianism, hence contributing to society. Search extensively for capable human resources and cultivate them as cornerstones for building long-term prosperity.


  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Services
  • Property development, Construction, Water
  • Engineering
  • Motor division – Sales & Hire
  • Trading – Imports, Retail & Distribution
  • Corporate services & treasury management

Group Profile